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Hi and welcome to  My name is Jason.  I’ve been working out for 20 years.  I decided to start this website to help answer questions I struggled with in regards to working out, nutrition, equipment, and supplements.

I’ve recently started doing CrossFit.  This is the most intense workout regimen I’ve ever followed.  In order to excel in class I’ve had to take a closer look at my diet, sleep habits, supplements, and even my footwear.   No other workout routine pushes you like CrossFit.  It requires everything you’ve got day in and day out.  It challenges you both from a mental aspect as well as punishing you physically.

In this blog I will cover things like which supplements I take and why.  We’ll dig into the best creatine to take, whey proteins, NO2, and more.  What has worked for me and what has shown little or no results?  The best supplements for muscle gain are all here.

We’ll also dig into equipment needed to perform at your peak in class.  A good example of this would be shoes.  When I first started I was wearing my ratty old tennis shoes.  I quickly found that these were totally inadequate for WODs.  I then started digging into the best CrossFit shoes and put together a guide on how to choose them.

In our equipment section you can check out topics like our best recumbent exercises bike reviews.

In our workout reviews section you can find our no nonsense reviews of products such as the Insanity workout and UFC Fit.

Finally we’ll address dietary and lifestyle changes you can make to help your body recover from particularly tough workouts.   This includes topics such as the Paleo diet and the importance of sleep to muscle recovery and growth.