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What is the Best Creatine on the Market?

Since creatine has been proven to be one of the more effective supplements out there, we thought we’d do a buyers guide for the different products out there.  Though creatine in one form or another has been around for decades, there have been some significant improvements that

Why You Should Avoid Eating Grains

If you’re involved in CrossFit, then it’s very likely you’ve been introduced to the Paleo Diet.  One of the most important aspects of this diet is avoiding all grains.  Since grains are a relatively new food source for us (13,000 years ago), our bodies have not developed

What I’m About…

After writing the post on which is the best creatine supplement to take to gain muscle and strength I decided I needed to put my money where my mouth is.  So I went ahead and ordered some micronized creatine from A Bit of Background I’m writing this

Paleo Egg Nog Protein Shake

While this isn’t exactly the time of year most people start thinking about egg nog, I’ve recently started tinkering with smoothie recipes, and egg nog is towards the top of the list of my favorite flavors.  Over the next couple weeks I’ll be regularly posting some of

Best Whey Protein for Women and Men

Occasionally I’ll see questions and comments on blogs and forums asking what’s the best whey protein for women or for men.  Although there are some very obvious differences between the female and male body, when it comes to protein and protein synthesis our bodies act exactly the

The Best Pre Workout Supplement For Women And Men

I have to state publicly that when it comes to supplements, I’m generally pretty skeptical.  Read through any bodybuilding forum and you’ll find TONS of ‘information’ on the best types and brands of supplements.  But there’s a lot of information out there that is contradictory and just