Hands Down the Best CrossFit Rings Out There

Crossfit RingsI can honestly say that rings were one of the things I struggled most with when first starting CrossFit.  It was slightly unnerving to shake uncontrollably while trying to do something as simple as holding a basic support.

This led me to try to find a pair for home use that would allow me to focus on the movements and exercises.  After trying out a couple of different options in some local stores, I stumbled upon what are in my opinion far and away the best rings I’ve ever used.

Wood is Good

The first thing you will notice about these rings is that they are made of wood.  This may sound odd at first, but they offer amazing grip for any kind of exercise.  Even when you’re sweating like crazy, you still won’t slip on these rings.

The wood is also extremely durable.  As previously mentioned, when I first started with rings I was out of control, and that drove me crazy.  So I spent hours working on these rings in attempt to improve my body’s ability to apply force in a way that wouldn’t cause me to shake all over the place.  This didn’t happen overnight, and I’ve never noticed any change in the grip or feel of these guys.  The quality of construction is top notch.

The straps are long, at right around 20 feet.  So far, in my experience this has been long enough to use in every situation in which I’ve tried to use them.  They are easy to adjust, what else can you say?

Good for Travel

Another great feature of these CrossFit rings is that they’re easy to travel with.  They’re small so they don’t take up a ton of room.  I’ve never tried to take them through airport security as there’s no telling what the TSA would say about them.  Probably make you toss them I would guess, since they most likely wouldn’t be able to figure out what the hell they were for.   But they fit easily in checked bags, so it’s not really a concern.  (Yes I’ve traveled with rings, so what?)

I also did a little bit of research in the reviews for this product on Amazon.  With the exception of a few 4 star reviews, these guys get all 5 stars.

A couple of folks complained about the wood becoming slippery when sweating heavily.  I would consider myself an above average sweater, and I’ve never run into this issue at all with these rings.

Even so, you could easily correct the problem with some tape or chalk.

All in all these guys are an awesome product.  The number of exercises you can perform with these make them a great resource for when you can’t get into the box for your WODs.

Here’s a link to some cool info on Crossfit.com for ring work and why it’s beneficial.

Here’s a link to the MDUSA website where you can check out the rings yourself.


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