One of the most frustrating parts about working out can be the time it takes our bodies to recover.  I’ve been working out since I was in high school.  Rapidly approaching 40, I’ve gotten a pretty good feel for the limitations of my body to recover from intense workouts.  But I’ve found, what for me, is the best muscle building supplement stack that allows me to recover more quickly and get back in the gym.

Recovery is an essential phase of the muscle building process.  If you don’t allow your muscle cells enough time to heal and rebuild, you are only tearing down and your gains will suffer tremendously.  It doesn’t matter

There is a TON of info out there regarding the cocktail of supplements you should take for rapid muscle gains.  But I’ve found a simple formula that has pushed my strength and muscle gains beyond anything I achieved when I was younger.

1. Sleep – The best muscle mass gaining supplement around.  It’s essential, and it’s free.  Get at least 8 hours.

2. Protein – The best pre workout supplements should contain some protein.  It keeps your body from cannibalizing your own muscle tissue during exercise.  Post workout get even more.  It’s the building block of muscle.

3.  Carbohydrates AND (gasp!) Fats

Speeding Up Muscle Recovery

The world of bodybuilding is filled with marketers claiming to make the best workout supplements to build lean muscle, increase strength, and help with recovery.  Most of this is just hype.  But there is a simple formula for muscle growth and significant strength increases, while getting ripped at the same time.

#1 – Sleep

When you sleep your body goes into serious repair mode.  This is when muscle tissue that was broken down during your workout is naturally repaired by your body.

People pay big bucks for human growth hormone, but you’re body can make it all on it’s own if given enough sleep.  7-9 hours is considered a good nights sleep.  But for elite athletes who truly push their bodies to the limit, 9-10  hours is quite reasonable.

It’s tough to make real gains without consistently getting a good nights sleep.  And the best part is sleep is free.

#2 – Protein

Protein is the building block of muscle.  At this point it’s probably common sense.  But sometimes common sense isn’t so common.  So let’s just say it anyway.  Protein is one of the best supplements for recovery after a workout.  Period.

Make sure you’re getting enough protein for your body to properly recover from your exertions.  If you’re trying to maintain weight this means consuming 1 gram of protein per pound of lean muscle mass.  If you’re trying to put on weight, bump that number up by 20-30%.

Meats and seafood are another important source of protein.  Your body needs real food to build real muscle.  Whey is great for recovery, but to build solid gains you need to eat some tuna, salmon, and red meat.

#3 – Carbohydrates AND Fats

There’s a stigma attached to fats in the world of bodybuilding.  The idea being that if you can eliminate fat from your diet it will also be eliminated from your body.  Unfortunately this is far from the truth.

In addition to helping with the absorption of vitamins and minerals (the reason you’re stuffing your face with all those veggies) fats also help regulate hormones.  One in particular is extremely important when it comes to weightlifting.  That’s testosterone.  Reducing fats can have a negative impact on the amount of testosterone your body naturally produces.

Your body also has a habit of holding onto anything it feels is in short supply.  And since fat is the most efficient fuel we eat at 9 calories per gram, you’re body will hold onto it if it thinks there’s a shortage.

So when you’re carb loading after your workouts include a tablespoon of coconut oil.  It’s quickly digested so it won’t slow carb and protein absorption.  It will also help to keep your body in fat BURNING mode.